Thursday, 2 January 2014

Where can I buy Icelandic Krona?

With the best chance of witnessing the Northern lights predicted in over a decade many Brit's will be heading to Iceland to witness this spectacular event.

Travellers must be aware that the Icelandic government has limited the supply of Icelandic Krona, meaning there is limited supply in many British bureau de changes. Oliver from commented "We have found that Natwest, M&S and the Post Office have had limited supply and customers have reported difficulty buying Icelandic currency in branches of Natwest and at the Post Office in the Bristol area."

If you are travelling to Iceland soon we would recommend visiting the compare currency travel money comparison table where you can check which online currency providers are still able to provide Icelandic Krona.

Debit and credit cards are widely accepted in Iceland so if you do fall into difficulty buying Icelandic currency in the UK you will be able to spend whilst away on your cards. If you choose to make withdrawals from ATM's in Iceland please ensure that you do so using your debit card as you will incur hefty transaction charges for withdrawing money on a credit card.

You can also exchange pounds for Icelandic Krona in banks and hotels in Iceland... generally banks offer more competitive exchange rates than hotels so you would be wise to use the former.